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Good to know!

Limited Editions

Michael’s work is exclusive.
Print editions are limited to 3 – 6 – 12 or 24 depending on series and size.

Certificate of authenticity

Personal Signed by Michael
All of his Art will be numbered and signed.
Including a certificate of authenticity.


Printed on C-Print/Lambda.
Mounted on Dibond and finished with Acrylic 3mm.
Professionally packed for transport to your location.

World Wide Shipping

Delivered at your door.
Fine Art Prints are shipped globally.
Professionally packed in wood.
We only ship with companies like UPS/TNT/US Mail

Simple Online Ordering

Happy Collector, Happy Artist.
Use PAYPAL or Direct Bank Transfer.
We can send you also a myPOS payment link.

What cost shipping

We always try to keep those as low as possible.
Feel free to contact for shipping cost to your location.

Check the Quality and Shipping page for more details

There are many ways my work can be collected.

Private collectors
With private collectors in europe, usa and 

Early Adopters
To continue working and keep creating artists need mesennassen and early adoptors.
Usaly this group is close around the artist 

Corporate acquisitions

Temporary display
Do you have an exiting event, or a unique location where my artworks can flourish and show off great? let me now.

Would you like to have an artwork but also prefere ankind of flexibitly?  monthly payments or switch after are benedits of lease or rental too. check with me and we sort some out.

#dare to ask!
Do you think an artwork donaition could help establish great things... do not hasitate to contact me. i am always open to exiting initiatives.

With the ability to capture.
I have been sponsoring events lile pink ribbion. 
Feel free to contact me with any sponsoring proposal.

Special occasions
At monumntal moments a limited dedition of a for the occasion created artwork a very good gesture. work for special occations are mostly assignsment. 
Contact me for more info. 

Kunst fabriek project
Inique and refreshing art concept between 2000 and 2014. chonees painters painted from photographs single edion replica’s in oil on canvas.