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Quality and Shipping
How to get my artworks delivered at your door.
I take this very seriously. 


When the item is ordered with me or on the Website, the delivery date is determined by the sum of the following factors:

Most important !

Shipping LOCATION:
I try to ship the artworks everywhere, but if you have any doubt check with me first.
On average you will have your artwork within 3-4 weeks after ordering it.

I can surly speed this up - if needed- but as a indication how long it takes to get your Artwork.

1. Ordering and production periode
This includes: verification of payment and that the information entered by the customer is accurate. Such as address and possibly personal instructions to prepare and produce the artwork.

2. Checkup and preparation transport
If -or as soon as- your artwork is in stock, I do a final checkup.
Print and Sign the Certificate of Authenticity, and prepare the packing and pick-up by the carrier.


3. Delivery times. And here we go! (A.S.A.P.)

I strives to meet delivery terms, which are indicated at the acceptance of the order.  In a case of force majeure or exceptional circumstances, such as strikes, frost, fire, storm, flood, without this list is being limiting. A delay in delivery does not entail the cancellation of an order and can not in any way get involved. A delay in delivery cannot under any circumstances justify cancellation of the order, nor can it give rise to penalties or compensation of any kind.


At delivery the customer must check the packaging and conformity of the delivered goods immediately and report to Michael van Emde Boas any anomaly at the time of reception. The customer is committed providing an address at which the delivery can normally be made during business hours. We do not accept any responsibility in the delay or non-delivery for reasons due to an incorrect or incomplete address. 

For shipping I use one of these official carriers.
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Limited Editions

Michael’s work is exclusive.
Print editions are limited to
3 – 6 – 12 or 24 depending
on series and size.

Certificate of Authenticity

All of his Art will be personal signed by Michael.
Including a certificate of authenticity.

Museum Quality Print

Printed on C-Print/Lambda.
Mounted on Dibond and finished with Acrylic 3mm.

Michael closely all the steps in the production
process to make sure his Fine Art connect with his vision.

World Wide Shipping

Fine Art Prints are shipped globally.
Delivered at your door.
Professional packed in wood.

Simple Online Ordering

Happy Collector, Happy Artist.

Use PAYPAL or Direct Bank Transfer.
We can send you also a myPOS payment link.


Contact Me

Just one click, to be precisely.

Talk to me:
CALL +31206839192


From JAN 1st, 2019...
What cost shipping:

We charge a flat fee per artwork.
Feel free to contact us at any time for additional information for you location.

  • Europe 350 euro
  • USA 450 euro
  • Asia 550 euro
  • Rest of world 650 euro

This includes:  Shipping fee, boxing and handling.
Tax additions may be apply depending on the country of destination.
We try to keep those as low as possible.

Do you ship to my country?
Ok. We try to ship anywhere. However NO guarantee. Please check before your purchase.